Monday, December 01, 2014


At last count, we now have 9 advents on the go in our house... 3 chocolate ones, 3 paper ones, 1 Playmobil thing and 2 on the iPad. The kiddos are going to have to get up an hour earlier just to get them open before school. And one of them is hidden all round the house just to add to the challenge, ha ha. So, going with that more is definitely merrier,  I'll be doing the full 24 on here too. I LOVE the build up to Xmas, it's my favourite part. So, hope this brings a little Christmas magic from me to you.
You can also check out our Dotty Wren advent each day here too, 6 from each of us.... you can never have enough! And my fellow wren Dawn will be posting one on her blog too. (So that's 3 for your advent pile already. You might need to to set aside an hour too... x)

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  1. More is definitely more Looloo...and the more the merrier I say XX


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