Thursday, May 15, 2014

That's it, I'm packed, my work is packed, the 2m tree is packed (don't ask!) I'm off to the big apple
in about half an hour. My stomach is rolling, half with nerves, half with excitement. 
What I've got is what I've got... I just hope people like it. Come and say hi to us dotty wrens and check out our work... and our booth... that's where the 2m tree comes in.  Booth 834... we've got free sweets and everything! ;-) 
See you on my return. Love x

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The other day I spotted some cute little fish of mine in Sainsburys. 
I wanted to show it on here as I really love that they've made a whole range of the sweetest little clothes with them in the prettiest palette ... my favourite being a vintage hand knit style cardigan with little fish pockets. Here's just a few of the garments below. Love Sainsburys! 
In store now! :-) 

my original designs...

All copyright belonging to Sainsburys Ltd. 

Thursday, May 01, 2014

That's me! In 2 weeks, I'm off to the Big apple to sell my wares! 
I would love to see you if you're going, so pop by and say hello. Can't vouch for what state I'll be in though, I've never worked so hard in my whole entire life... 70 hour weeks, trying to fit all the prep for the show and the day job and I'm still not out the woods yet. I'm excited though. I can't wait to spend a week in NY with the dotty wrens. If nothing else, we're going to have some FUN! :-)

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