Monday, June 23, 2014

New Look!

I've had a little blog makeover.... a bit of me with a tropical twist... channelling all the Brazilian fever at the moment. I'm hoping it will inspire me to gee up my blogging which has become a bit pathetic at lately. I'm thinking of changing things up a bit too and adding other titbits that catch my eye along with my pictures. 
So stay tuned... but don't wait with baited breath, it's Summer and these things can take a bit of time... Swingball in the garden of an evening is winning at the moment. It'll be back to rain soon and I'll be back! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reason to celebrate..

Today I had to draw a monkey. I'm not a big fan of drawing monkeys... I quite like gorillas but monkeys fill me with dread. But today, I actually drew some I quite like! Not big news in the big scheme of things but a tiny achievement for me. yay!:-) 

More blogging soon, I promise... been a bit busy and a bit lacking in the blogging lustre department to be honest. But for now, a partying monkey fella. 

Monday, June 02, 2014

Everything to gain...

I was really excited when the lovely Jenipher Lyn Gallardo asked me to be a part of her blog party to help promote her brilliant book "How being stubborn, unpopular and depressed saved my life."
 It's filled with lots of quotes, quirky illustrations and advice with the aim of helping and encouraging teenagers through those sometimes tricky and emotional adolescent years. It's all about being yourself and being happy that you're YOU. And we've all been there, right, with bells on.

This week deals with Ambition AKA Diving In..
It's the same all through life isn't it... the only things you really regret are the things you don't do. 
I've let opportunities pass me by because I dithered and was too nervous to step out of my comfort zone... I'll never know where they would have taken me if I'd just had a bit more courage.
But I've also done things I was really scared of too. I remember at 16, finishing school and everyone was staying on at 6th form to do A'Levels but I really didn't want to. I didn't really love school, they weren't my favourite years at all. I wanted to try something new so I took a brave leap and chose to go to a whole new college. I didn't know anyone. But, do you know... it changed my life. The friends I made there are still my friends today. It was the best jump into the unknown I ever made. 
These days, I'm forever telling my children to 'get stuck in' and 'try it'... to make them a bit braver than I ever was. My daughter won't do things like a new club or something if her friends aren't doing it too. I remember I was the same at her age. But the thing is... she'll probably get more friends just by being diving in there. And there's nothing quite like the exhilaration after doing something you were totally afraid to do. 
So, to all you teens out there and older peeps too... don't be scared... go for it... whatever the situation, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 
And if, on the odd occasion, it doesn't work out (annoying but that happens sometimes) then you can still be proud that you gave it a right good shot. :-) 

By the way... I put a tiger in my picture in homage to Katy Perry's ROAR... (and in the 'Rocky' film where's Sylvester's training and runs up the steps... I love that bit)... a bit sad I know. Both of them really motivate me when I'm feeling a bit lost. Put them on your iPod, go for a jog and sing them loud and proud! They'll get you going! (And if you have loads of steps to run up near you, that's a bonus! :-)) 

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