Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Happy New Year!

Is it too late to post this... are we practically halfway through January already? When is it polite to stop saying Happy New Year to people? I don't know... after writing this post? 
 Where did last year go? So fast, too fast, I didn't have time to blink. 
This year I'm setting myself some ground rules, sort of some resolutions to try and keep to throughout the year. 
Firstly I need to get more of a work life balance. Turns out I'm not that good at it... when I'm working, I'm a crazy worker. 2014 bought me so many beautiful bounties and opportunities. It was truly such an amazing year, a rocket ride for twelve months, BUT I did feel I let other things slide... time with my children, time with my family and friends, my health and my booty! The little things matter!
I know I can do them all... it's just a case of working it all out and sticking to more of a plan. (she says with such great conviction now, ha ha) 
I also fancy giving a little bit more to my blog, adding some different extras... little bits I like that I think others will too. I see so much good stuff browsing, I need to tell someone about it, and those someones will be you. 
I also want to sell some bits too, get my shop going, this is the year... watch this space. I am going to do it, I am, I am... just got to fit it in. I get so many requests from people wanting to buy prints etc, it would be a crime not to at least give it a shot. The only regrets are the ones you didn't do, right? 
So who's with me... come on, let's grab 2015 and go shake our booties on the dance floor with her. 


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