Monday, October 20, 2014

So last weekend, we bought a kooky looking acorn squash from a food festival. Mmmm, roasted in the oven, delish you might say. But no... it tasted DISGUSTING! Not a little bit disgusting... full on the most foul tasting bitterest thing on the earth disgusting. So much so, we luckily didn't even manage more than a tiny taste. Whilst our mouths and lips were burning, we googled 'disgusting tasting squash' as you do, and found out that sometimes, on rare occasions, squashes can turn all weird and produce a toxic poison that could actually be deadly. Mmmm... nice one. The taste lasted for over a day. I keep having taste flashbacks.
So, the moral of this cautionary Autumn tale is....
Beware of evil squashes everyone. 

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  1. ...and stick to good old cabbage and cauli from Tesco in future ha ha, you and your fancy squash food festival ideas! :)


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