Wednesday, October 01, 2014

October's here. How'd that happen? I'm not quite finished with September yet. I haven't got anything to wear. It's cold... come back Summer. (Don't worry, I do this every single year... you have to drag me into Autumn Winter kicking and screaming. Yes, I know Autumn's so pretty with falling leaves and stuff, I just don't enjoy the cold or shorter days. I like skipping about in shorts outside at 9pm eating strawberries. I actually don't think I really do this but I know you definitely can't do it in the Winter and it's annoying! 
ON the plus side though, I've got another busy month, it's all go. I've been working with some amazing people recently and I've got lots of ideas in the pot. Shorter days mean I'll sit at my desk more so that's all good for the hard worker in me. :-)


  1. When do we move to Ibiza Lizzie? We can skip about in shorts much longer there :)

    1. When those flipping builders finish our Dotty Wren HQ! They're taking a long time!


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