Monday, March 24, 2014

Sorry, I've fallen off the blog train recently.... so much going on, my bowl is spilling over, something has to give! Working with some dream dream clients now and recently... lots of fantastic things in the pipeline... yay! Surtex is only 8 weeks away... I'm just about holding it together, arrgghhhh.....I'll be going with 3 sheets of A4 at this rate and hiding behind the other dotty wren girls.

 Also, my folks celebrated their golden anniversary last week. 50 years! They went back to the hotel where they'd had their honeymoon. Little lovebirds. Happy Anniversary Mum and Pops. I love, love, love you. x

Also, there's a lorra lorra ladybirds around at the moment... anyone else noticed that? My daughter said she'd got bitten by one... do ladybirds even bite, I don't know. 

Right, that's all for now.... will post again when I get a chance! Laters! :-) 

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