Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On Mondays I've started running a doodle club at our local school.... I was imagining a nice little handful of girls turning up and we'd all draw pretty flowers but no... 20 kids signed up, half of them are boys. Boys don't want to draw flowers every week. Total rethink! But, so far it's been alright... one boy drew glasses and a moustache on his own face but apart from that it's going well. The best bit was today when one girl came up to show me the doodle she'd finished at home... it's so cool! I borrowed it to put it on here (above).
And here's another one of character faces we did the week before. Any more ideas happily welcome though... those boys just aren't going to like flowers for the rest of term! 


  1. You've got a group of talented little kiddos on your hands there Lizzie! What a lovely idea too :-)
    Re ideas...I dont know how old they are but how about them drawing different icons to illustrate the alphabet as an idea? Or something around what they did over the weekend? Enjoy :-)

    1. Louise! Sorry, I meant to reply to you last week. Where does the blooming time go? Thank you so much! Guess what... I tried out the alphabet one... it went down brilliantly. I did it as a sort of a last 5 minute challenge at the end to see who could draw the most things beginning with their letter. Going to do it again this week. You're a star! Anymore suggestions, fling them my way!! Thank you again! xxxxxx


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