Friday, August 30, 2013

Next week, Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search semi-finals go live to the world so I thought I'd better give you a sneaky preview of my entry.
The brief was to design a tote bag for a farmer's market using the theme of autumn activities, to include a figure and lettering if you wanted. A dream brief really!
I found out I got through to the semi's half way through my holiday in Cornwall so I was doodling everywhere, still enjoying my hols, but badly itching to get home and get started. 

I had many inspirations for my final design, old photos of Cornish fishing women that I saw in the 
little museum at Durgan, the tradition of apple-picking for cider in Somerset where I live and my lovely M-I-L's displays of squashes and pumpkins. I really liked the idea of gathering new finds at a farmer's market, that they're always a wonderful hoard of things to discover. I'm liking the folky feel that it ended up with. 

Here's my final design...

So, now it's out of my hands! 6 finalists go through to the next round.... 1 of them will be 
through a public vote..... live next Tuesday on September 3rd. I'll be posting about it every day to remind everyone, ha ha! 

I am truly honoured and proud to be a part of a competition with so many talented people, the other designs I've already seen are amazing.... there's some seriously awesome talent to choose from. 
Whatever the outcome, I am so happy to be in this have got this be in front of an amazing panel of judges is prize enough! (But still, fingers crossed.... I will make it through :-) !)

Now don't forget, September 3rd, you can vote!


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    1. Thanks so much Louise xxx I've been meaning to ask you what camera you use to take your blog pics. They're amazing. x

  2. have a feeling you'll make that 6 Lizzie - hope I'm right! such lovely, lovely work. best of british :-)

  3. you are one of my faves in the global search competition!

  4. Thanks Hunny buns xxxxxxx I'm exhausted by the anticipation already!


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