Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Back from my Cornish Hols and time to say a proper WHOOPEE...... I got through to the final 50, the second round of Lilla Roger's Global Talent SearchYay! 
I found out on holiday, we don't have wi-fi in our little flat so I knocked on the door of our friend's at stupid o'clock in the morning and got them out of bed to find out! Nervous, oh yes....scrolled down on my phone and saw my name.... so so happy! 
So, I've spent the last week thinking up ideas, enjoying my holiday but also a little bit itching to get back and get started. 
Well done to everyone else who got through, there's some amazing journal covers... and my love to those who didn't, especially my MATS buddies..... you're already all winners in my book anyway :-) xxx


  1. WELL DONE LIZZIE!!! I was over the moon to see your journal made it through along with so much other talent, you deserve it so much. Can't wait to see what you do next!! Much love XXX

    1. Thanks so much Flora, I wanted you to go through too! I'll do it for the both of us! That's when I actually get a chance to do some a bit like a kids club rep at the moment. x

    2. Aw Lizzie that is so sweet of you! Sigh..of course it would have been great to go through but I do think I need a bit more time developing my work. I am so pleased for you and our other MATS friends. Your tote is out of this world I would buy it in an instant. Best of luck!!!!!! xxx

  2. Well done - Your journal design is lovely - Good luck on the next round : )

  3. Yayyyyy!!! You is EPIC! :-) xx


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