Friday, July 05, 2013

Last week of class! :-(

So this week was the last of Lilla's school.... and it's like the firework display at the end of a night, time to put everything in to it and finish with a bang. 
This week was all about collections, we had to go round our homes and photograph, draw, paint anything we collected or loved.. all the little bits that go to make up you. This was not hard for me, I'm a complete hoarder, I probably should be on C4's 'Britain's Worst Hoarders'. I go starry eyed when I spot a bric a brac stall and I drag my kids around a lot of charity shops in search of things. I collect a lot of stuff.... I'm a sucker for pretty plates, vintage fabric, china nic-nacs, vintage books, books on birds....loads of things...I've even got my daughter to collect china things just so that I can look for them.
Next, once we had them all together, our assignment was to go 'hyper-lush'on a zipper pouch putting in as much or as little as we liked. 
At first, I had a right jumble on my screen, there were scans and photos flying everywhere and I was stressing but then all of a sudden, I got into it and just did me and I loved it, couldn't stop, went a bit crazy, so I did a co-ord to go with it too, and some cute button badges.. so this is bits of me really, on a zippy bag. 
And I tried to listen to all Lilla's been teaching us over the weeks....about using neutrals, does it look nice as a thumbnail, attention to detail,  all the good stuff that's been sinking in over the weeks. I'm going to miss class and all my classmates, there's some truly amazing artists out there and we've been kicking ass in class every day! Thanks Lilla and Beth for all your hard work and dedication to the school and also to all my class-mates who've taught me so much. You're all awesome and I wish you many many great things to come!! :-)) 


  1. I love this it looks really great and you even did a pattern to go with it.
    super lovely x

  2. Really beautiful work-- this week and every week! Hope to see you in Part B!

  3. oh your thinking and work is so dreamy + delightful!!! love your well curated hoard of things!

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