Monday, July 15, 2013

Last week, I went to London Town for the day to meet up with my best email buddy and now 'real friend' Dawn Machell. 
She's written such a lovely post about our trip over on her blog that I feel I should send back that bloggy love with a post of my own.
Dawn and I email each other daily. If I worked in an office, she'd be my friend that I'd sit next to and laugh all day with. We support each other, make each other smile when we're feeling down, give each other advice and talk utter rubbish in between. We're thinking Paris would be good for our next important business trip, and then New York, and then maybe Hawaii, (surfing lessons are a very important part of being a designer, ha ha!)
Thanks Dawn for always bringing a smile to my face! 


  1. Aaaaaw :-)
    You're just sooo lovely!
    And I'm loving your massive bag on yr illo!
    Can't wait for Hawaii mrs xx

  2. both of your illos from the trip are wonderful! loving both of your styles and blogs ; )

  3. Wow thank you Salli... I've just realised you are They Draw and Cook!! I feel honoured and totally agree with your 'just playing around' theory....that's why it's so nice to have a blog to play on! x


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