Sunday, June 16, 2013

So week two of Lilla's course is over. I'm completely loving it....if you haven't signed up for the next one already, do it, it's amazing! This week we had to design plates including plants, pods, leaves and all sorts of other flora. My ideas started off like this...

and then turned into this on screen...

and then completely changed over the days to become these little fellas...

and then I went back to my originals as I felt I couldn't leave them...

And my lovely friend Dawn over on Pop-i-cok told me how to put one on a plate too.

Roll on next week!


  1. Wow lovely work Lizzie, the bear, tiger and lion plates are adorable! x

    1. Thanks Hun! You should sign up when you've finished your other one! Loving your designs too. Hope it's all going well. Xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Julie, I really enjoyed doing them. X

  3. You're just brilliant...that's what you are!!

  4. Would defo enjoy eating my toast off that beautiful plate..well done, it looks amazing!!

  5. I'm glad I popped over here ....i LOVE the little girl and the squirrel!!! I hope that one will be in stores too ;)
    Thanks for sharing your process.


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