Sunday, June 09, 2013

So the first week of Lilla Roger's course is done and dusted, just finished my second design and what a week it's been! It's sent me right back to getting a brief at university... the excitement, the panic, the freak out day and then the calm when it all comes together. I'm learning a lot on this course already... I'm pushing myself but mostly I'm looking at myself and how I do things... how I have that complete day of panic, how I got totally thrown looking at everyone else's amazing work but also how I don't give up and I keep going until I get something I like. No more pyrex for me for a while I tell you.... I was face painting yesterday at the school fete and I was honestly even putting little pyrex style flowers on the kids faces. Sadly no one asked me for a mushroom design or to be a casserole dish, I'd have been well away!

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