Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sorry, this is a bit of a mushy post but sometimes you want to take the little things your kids say and bottle them up forever. 
My boy and I were discussing having lots of money one day and what we would spend it on. (we play this a lot, dream, dream, dream) and he said "Mum, do you know what I'd buy you? I'd get you a beautiful crown and a kissing machine so we could programme our kisses in and have them all day long wherever we are." 
Cry? I did a little. Love you my boy xxxxx


  1. How lovely, you will remember this from being on here (as well as in your heart). Then when he's a teenager :)) you can remind him? He sounds like he may always be lovely though.

  2. I Love this Lizzie! Hope you are doing well my dear. Your work is looking amazing! xoxo


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