Wednesday, March 06, 2013

My kiddies are dressing up as their favourite book characters tomorrow. I use favourite loosely. My boy's favourite is a fact book on whales and I couldn't figure out how to do one of those so we settled on the lorax, mainly because I found some big yellow moustaches in the Monsoon outlet near us. Yes, I thought, I am on it! I ordered some orange fur for the lorax and found a friend with some orange leggings we could borrow. Neither have got to me yet.... almost time to panic. My son is just going to be wearing the moustache, I know it! 


  1. Ha ha I hate that flipping world book day! I always send Alf as Where's Wally cos it's easy!
    Top marks for effort though Mrs Mackay...even if he is naked except for a tache!

    1. Got the leggings.... they're cropped ones, he looks such a girl so put some of minnie's stripy tights underneath and now he just looks like a weird girl. Will send you a pic! x


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