Thursday, February 28, 2013

Are you like me and need a bit of help to put things into action?
I decided at the beginning of the year that I am going to make things happen in 2013. I am sort of getting there but the trouble is I'm brilliant at coming up with a thousand great ideas and then I'm not so good at actually doing them. Something stops me getting over the final hurdle, I don't know why... fear, the unknown,  not enough time, not feeling good enough, endless amounts of washing to do and clearing up lego bits instead? 
So  I was really pleased when I came across an amazing blog shemakesahome. Ashley is holding a 6 week breakthrough bootcamp with daily posts about how to get yourself going and discover your potential, especially if, like me, you're trying to juggle it all with kids and running a house and work and everything else in between. Don't worry if you think you've missed it, you can just go back to the beginning post and start from there. Go take a look, it's really'll be pleased you did! 


  1. Lizzie, Thank you SO much for sharing the boot camp with your readers. I am totally blown away by your illustrations, by the way - I would love to interview you on my blog about them, if that's alright. I'll be in touch soon!

    1. Thank you so much Ashley, wow, I would love that! Have a lovely weekend! :-)


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