Thursday, January 24, 2013


This is a little tribute to my mum and dad's dog who died suddenly this week. They'd had Zac for 12 years, my dad having rescued him from a bad home. He was getting on a bit but, never the less, they are heartbroken, we all are. He was a grand little dog, so happy and he'd regularly come for a weekend away at our house... he'll be much missed. So, Zac, up there somewhere chasing cats and barking as much as you want, this little post is just for you. x


  1. What a shame, he looked cute, sure he is happy in doggy heaven eating all the bones he wants.

  2. Oh so sorry, he sounds like he had the best of homes with you all. Always such a sad time. X

  3. So sad to hear that! I would be so heartbroken if my little cat died. I'm sure you all had wonderful times with Zac. x


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