Friday, September 28, 2012

Locked out!

I've been having one of those weeks where nothing has really gone right. The best bit was yesterday when I put my front door key (I'd taken it off the keyring and didn't have time to put it back on) on the rubbery bit of the gear stick whilst I legged it around getting stuff and taking kids everywhere. Meanwhile my lovely little key managed to get through a tiny hole in the gear stick rubbery stuff and disappear down into the car. I turned the car upside down with my son crying that we were going to starve to death and he would never play with his toys ever again...a little bit over dramatic but still!  Luckily my lovely father-in-law came to the rescue with a handy bit of wire and a bit of car know-how.
Yep, my week has been a lot like that! 


  1. ha ha that made me laugh :-)
    My big one once lost her tooth down the hole where the seatbelt thingy comes through. We never saw it again. She was in a right flipping state! I wasn't that arsed cos I knew the tooth fairy was watching anyway!

  2. I lost my parking ticket (the one that lets you out of a barrier at shopping centre) AFTER I'd paid for it - fell down the bit between the central console and gear stick - stuck lolly stick down and it disappeared. Then I saw the sign that said lost tickets cost £24 a day. Anyway lady on button at exit said she'd seen me on CCTV trying desperately to retrieve it with my bum sticking out car so let me out by lifting barrier. Bet they had a right out laugh watching me!!

  3. Ha ha...I'm glad my bum wasn't on camera... the ticket thing has happened to me too, it slid down inside the dashboard and I remember trying to squash my face in between the steering wheel and dashboard to see if I could see it!...they should make cars fully sealed so small things can't go anywhere!!


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